Crockpot-CookingCrockpot Cooking


Starters begins with “Fringe Living.” Meet Uncle Bobby who personifies the American spirit and becomes a part of the folklore of Three Corners, Arizona. “Strays” is about a family who moves from the city to the suburbs and experiences isolation.

Blue Plate Specials : In “A Catfish Tale,” the arrival of Camilla Rose, celebrated romance novelist, causes quite a flutter among the folks. Aunt Camilla’s story is the dirt of the Mississippi Delta town of Catfish (winner of the New Jersey Writers Society Award). In “Crockpot Cooking,” conflicts simmer between father and son in a heartwarming comic story about a farm boy discovers a world beyond Iowa as he follows his dream to become a master pastry chef. In “Pirating Souls,” Billy Carter invents the What If Game. The innocent childhood game evolves into something more sinister when the friends change from boys to men. In “Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold,” Tommy, a soft-hearted tomboy, faces gender and coming-of-age issues in Brooklyn of the late 1950s. In “Stork Delivery,” a boy develops theories about the birds and the bees while waiting for a new brother or sister. Based on a legend, something evil awaits “The Casket Girls” in New France. Elwood Crumb Jr., “The Eye of God,” whittles away his bachelorhood caring for his aging mother. Life changes for Elwood when his mom has an unexpected date with her maker. In “The Interloper,” a mail-order bride travels from the mountains of Croatia to the flatlands of Queens, New York. Board the orphan train in “Torch Song,” and meet Homer, who makes a sacrifice he never understands for a girl he just met. In “WASP Dating,” Mama Tedesco stirs up a saucy romance as cultures clash in this tale of love Italian style.

Flash in the Pan Sides: Ollie and Ethel have marital squabbles in “Borrowed Time.” Mother and daughter conflict when the mother forces Rae Lea, her chunky daughter, to squeeze into a tutu in “How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.” A guy, dumped by his girlfriend, sets off for an African adventure in “Kilimanjaro.” Henry Dubs, a self-proclaimed leg man, has lost his mojo. In “Leg or Breast,” he agrees reluctantly to finance his wife’s breast augmentation. In “Lover’s Brew,” Becca and Sebastian leave the hectic city life for Harmony, an Amish hamlet nestled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Country life is not what it appears. In “Under the Big Top,” the circus arrives in Clayhatchee. The townspeople hear the calliope’s call.

Taste some poetry in Poetic Desserts. Bon appétit!

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